Product No. 2800-0000

 easily configured from PC by HTPresE_V1.08 or

via standard HART® handheld device

 Output signal: 2-wire 4mA...20mA or

3-wire 1V...5V + HART®

 single-crystal silicon sensor

 measuring range: 0...1mbar, up to 0...100 bar

(customizable as required)

static pressure up to max. 400 bar
overpressure up to max. 160 bar
reference accuracy: up tp 0.05% FS

communication via Muesen HART® Modems
or standard HART® handheld device

process connection: M20X1.5, 14 or 12 NPT,

G14 or G12 (optinal)

process connection:

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